About us

Healy Free Range Turkeys was established in 2010 and has been successfully increasing year on year. Both in customer base and in poultry numbers, we supply the traditional christmas market with high quality, hand plucked turkey. Our free range flock is department registered and we pride ourselves on having top quality free range turkeys.

Based in Ballinaglough Carrignavar Co Cork, we have built up a steady base of highly satisfied repeat customers, who maintain that Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without the annual trip to our farm to collect their ‘old fashioned taste of Christmas’ – a perfectly finished Turkey.

The Turkey enterprise will be passed down to the next generation to continue the tradition of free-roaming, hand-plucked Turkeys for the Christmas table.
We know that the health of our animals benefit from a life enjoyed outdoors in clean air, with access to a wide diversity of plants and water. Stress is also kept to an absolute minimum, with no-over crowding. We believe that healthy animals produce meat that is good for you.

Breed; We specialise in slow-growing, traditional breeds that enjoy a life outdoors, free-range

Source; We insist on traceability.

Butchering;  All our Turkeys are hand-plucked in the traditional way without the use of water, and are hung and matured properly to enhance their flavour before selling.


Packaging and delivery; All our turkeys are individually packed and delivered free of charge